Evaluation on Request

Evaluation of a journal in the ICI Journals Master List is free of charge and, due to number of journals submitted every year, results are published in autumn. To those, who wish to receive results earlier we offer Evaluation on Request which accelerates the process – we send the Index Copernicus Value (ICV) within 14 days from the day all the formal requirements are fulfilled and invoice is paid for. Together with result, we send Detailed Report from evaluation, which allows to identify both strengths of a journal and areas that need improvement.

Evaluation on Request of one journal costs 250,00 EUR net

Please note, that Evaluation on Request does not relieve the necessity of meeting the prerequisites and fulfilling formal requirements that are necessary for verification and evaluation of a journal.


To order Evaluation on Request you may use online form which is available in Evaluation on Request tab after signing in to your Journal’s Representative account or:

• call our office: +48 22 487 53 93
• write us at: evaluation@indexcopernicus.com

You would receive result of the evaluation by e-mail within 14 days of fullfiling formal requirements and payment of the invoice. Detailed Report would be available for download at your account, in My Journals tab.